How you can treat adult acne

Ok so this is a subject I know alot about. I suffered from Acne from the age of 22 on and off for over 6 year’s. As a teenager I suffered from the odd one or two spot’s nothing major then in my early twenty’s I had a big emotional shock and literally woke up the next day with Acne. Acne is classed as more than one spot but I would have up to twenty on my face at any one time. It was awful.

So after trying all the usual products at the chemist first and getting no-where the first thing I tried from the Doctors was Dianette. Dianette is a contraceptive pill that also helps with your skin. Its quite a potent pill and the doctors dont like you to be on it for long periods of time without a break. I took it for about 8 months in total and it did work really well for me, my skin cleared up within 6 weeks which was great. However it gave me another problem and that was I put on alot of weight. So I stopped taking it and my skin did stay clear for 6 Months or so but then gradually the Acne came back.

http://www.netdoctor.co.uk/medicines/100000754.html – Dianette

The second thing I tried was Homeopathy. I am a big fan of Homeopathic remedie’s. I tried Homeopathy years ago when I used to suffer from Migraines and it worked amazingly, completely cured me infact. But with the Acne it definitely helped my skin, and reduced the spots but it didnt clear it up completely.


The third thing I tried was Chinese Medicine in tablet form. Apparently the tea form is better and works more quickly but realistically there was no-way I was going to be getting up 45 minutes earlier everyday to boil herbs and what looks like tree bark to make a drink that taste’s hideous so I went for the easy / realistic option, the tablets. Chinese Medicine was amazing. At the time I started taking it my skin was at it’s worst and within two weeks my skin was completely clear for the first time in year’s. I couldnt believe it. I took the Chinese Medicine tablets for about 3 month’s. Each month represent’s a year you have had a problem / illness so if you have had Acne for 3 years you will need to take Chinese Medicine for 3 Months. My skin stayed clear for over a year once finishing the course but then once again I started suffering from break outs. They still werent as bad as before but they were still bad enough for me to stress about them so once again I took Chinese Medicine but this time it didnt really seem to work.


The fourth thing I tried was anti-biotics. Once again my skin drastically improved, I still suffered from a couple of spots every month but nothing major. I took anti-biotics for 18 Months, I did try to come off them several times but my skin always got worse as soon as I stopped taking them.

During all of the above things I always had regular facial’s / facial treatments. Micro-dermabrasions were great for improving skin texture and refining the pore’s. They used to cost around £60, I used to get mine done at a Dermatologist. I also had N-Lite Laser which again is great for healing the skin, killing all the bacteria aswell as helping with scaring, this was also done at Dermatologist and it would cost around £80 to get my jaw area done. I always had Advanced Clarin’s Facials to hydrate and deep cleanse and stimulate fresh blood to the skin. The products I used at home were Dermalogica Anti-Bac Skin Wash and Clarin’s HydraQuench Day Cream.

The fifth and final thing I did after 6 years of suffering from Acne was take the drug Roaccutane. After reading about all the horrible side effects I was really scared about taking this drug. The possible side effect’s are depression leading to suicide, extremely dry skin, redness, irritation, chapped lip’s, ache’s and pain’s due to dry joint’s and headache’s. They also say due to the potency of this medication you arent supposed to drink alcohol as it’s too much for your liver. I have to admit I did actually drink but I definitely drank more moderately and ALWAYS drank two pints of water when I got home to rehydrate. This drug is also very harmful to unborn babie’s so if you were to fall pregnant you would have to have a termination. The side effect’s were pretty horrendous, I got all of them accept the depression. I would have to say that taking this drug is one of the best thing’s I have ever done with regards to treatment for my acne.

I stopped the course is April 2009 and my skin stayed completely clear for about 18 Months. I do still get the occasional breakout usually if I’m burning the candle at both ends or feeling abit stressed. If my breakout last’s for longer than a couple of weeks I sometimes take anti-biotics to clear it but my skin has never been as bad as it was.

I would highly recommend anyone who has Acne to take the roaccutane. I spent hundreds of pounds on lotions and treatments and roaccutane is free on the NHS and it really does work. I wish I had done it year’s ago. Have a look at this photo diary I found of someone taking Roacutane  so you can get the idea.


Some good products to use whilst on Roaccutane are Dermalogica Ultra Calming Cleanser and Clarin’s HydraQuench Day Cream for Dry Skin or Clarin’s Multi Active Day Cream for Dry Skin. You really need to use products that will deeply moisturise your dry skin and help with the flaking and peeling and Carmex is great for the chapped lips.

My dermatologist said a small number of people need more than one course of roaccutane so there is a chance my acne will come back but fingers crossed it wont.

These days if I do get the odd breakout the first thing I use is Quinoderm which is about £3 from Boots and its great. If they still have completely cleared up then I will have a couple of sunbeds. I dont agree with having sunbeds usually but for serious skin conditions I would have to say they do work.


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Beauty Salon Versus Mobile Beautician

Ok so most women these days have some kind of Beauty Treatments done whether its painting your nails, having a facial or removing your leg hair most of us do some kind of beauty treatment done weekly or monthly.

So how do you decide whats best for you with regards to getting a Mobile Beauty Therapist round or going to your local salon. Let me help you decide.

So the Pro’s of getting a Mobile Beauty Therapist to your house are

•    If your lacking in time then this will save you time. If you are having an hours treatment then you will only use one hour out of your day. You wont have to waste time getting to and from the salon.
•     If you have children and you time it so they are asleep for a relaxing treatment like a Facial or a Massage or if they are relatively well behaved then things like Waxing, Manicures and Pedicures you can have done while your kids are there and you dont have to worry about arranging / cost of childcare.
•     If you work long hours then your therapist can come to you for a time that suits you, either really early in the morning before work or late in the evening after work.
•    It will cost you less. You dont have to worry about the extra cost of petrol, trains, buses and parking tickets.
•    You wont have the stress of relying on public transport or traffic to make sure you are on time.
•    If your the type of person who doesnt like to be seen without make up on / hair done then having a Therapist come to you is the perfect solution.
•    You will remain relaxed for longer if you dont have to worry about getting home after your beauty treatment.
•    The therapist can do couples or groups of you which again is great if you have children as you can have a pamper party and take it in turns to look after each others kids.
•    If you work from home then you can have things done but still be checking your emails / working on your laptop at the same time as having your treatments done. For example you could have your legs waxed whilst being on a conference call.
•    As the treatment’s are generally cheaper with a Mobile Beauty Therapist if your on a budget it will be more affordable for you. If your not on a budget then you can have the treatments done more regularly then you would if you was paying Salon or Spa prices.
•    Salons can sometimes be noisy so if your having something relaxing like a Massage then having it home can be a more enjoyable experience.
•    I think if a Beautician comes to your home its abit more personal so you will build a better relationship with her.

The Pro’s of going to a Salon.
•    If your house is Chaotic with kid’s, pet’s and husband’s its sometimes nicer to get away from it all.
•    If you dont like the idea of a stranger coming to your house then a beauty salon might be a better option for you.
•    The rooms in Beauty Salons / Spa’s are sometimes have nicer, warmer rooms  then your own home.
•    If your going to a luxury spa it can feel like more of a treat.

So in a nutshell its more convenient, cheaper and you have less things to worry about if you just get a Mobile Beautician to come to you.


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Tips for keeping your skin youthful

Did you know that once we hit 25 our skin is actually classed as mature. This is when we start to lose collagen and we should start taking extra care of our skin to slow down the ageing process.

My Top Tips for keeping the skin looking younger for longer.

  1. Drink plenty of water. Have you ever noticed after a night of drinking alcohol the next day you look older? Also having the central heating on full in the winter also causes dehydration. Dehydration lines are very ageing, everyone should be drinking 2 + litres a day to prevent this. If you dont drink any water then start by drinking a pint a day, after a week up it to two pints a day and just keep upping it until you reach the amount you should be drinking. If your skin is dehydrated aswell as drinking water you can use some rehydration products like Clarin’s HydraQuench Serum, Clarin’s HydraQuench Mask and Clarin’s HydraQuench Moisturiser. All of these products will put lost water back into the skin making it look more youthful and radiant.
  2. Wear Sun Screen. UVB & UVA ray’s are responsible for 90% of ageing in the skin. You should always wear a sun screen, especially in hot weather and obviously avoid sunbeds. If you feel your skin needs abit of colour then try Clarins Radiance Plus which is a moisturiser with a hint of fake tan in it or try a Sienna X Spray Tan.
  3. Avoid Smoking as it starves your skin of oxygen and increases harmful free radicals which are ageing for the skin and can cause illness.
  4. Eat foods rich in Antioxidant’s. Antioxidant’s fight free radical’s in the body which destroy and kill our cells causing illness and ageing.
  5. Alternatively you can take an Antioxidant supplement or drink a Antioxidant Juice. Vitamin A, C and E are all Antioxidant’s aswell as Acai, Betacarotine & Goji Berries. See holland and Barrett.
  6. Get a good skincare routine. Never sleep in your make up and use high quality products. My favourite products are Clarin’s, Environ and Dermalogica.
  7. Have regular facial’s. The massage in a facial detoxify’s the skin and stimulate’s fresh blood and nutrients to the skin making it look younger and fresher. The products used in a facial like the scrub and the mask will help with the dehydration lines.
  8. Try and get lots of sleep, the minimum should be 6-8 hour’s. Your skin repair’s itself while you sleep. Lots of late nights will age your skin.

Ok so realistically none of us are saints and we all sometime’s drink to much, eat the wrong things and have late nights ect. So to repair some of the damage after these occasions I would highly recommend Clarins Beauty Flash Balm. After cleansing or washing your face apply a think layer and leave it on for a minimum of 15 mins. There is no maximum time you should leave it on for, I sometimes sleep in it. This product is truely amazing and removes all signs of fatigue once you have washed it off just moisturise as normal. If you are going out again then mix a pea sized amount of Beauty Flash with your normal foundation and apply to the face. It makes such a difference. The other thing you can do is have a Berocca which full of Vitamin’s and Antioxidant’s. They are available from Boots and I find if I have had a late night that drinking a Berroca makes me feel and look alot better. It can also be taken to boost your immune system.


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My views on Fake Tanning Products

With all the fake tan’s out there on the market now there really is no need to use a sunbed anymore. As we all know sunbeds are ageing for the skin and there’s always a risk of skin cancer. 10 Years ago we didn’t have the fake tan options that we do now, fake tans had a reputation for leaving you orange and streaky will not anymore I have tried and worked with lots of different Fake Tans over the years, Clarin’s, St Tropez, Fake Bake and finally Sienna X Spray Tanning.

I liked the Clarin’s self tanning gel, the tan was natural looking but if I’m totally honest the smell wasnt great and even after a shower there was still a strong smell. I really liked the St Tropez but the application was time consuming, incredibly messy and you looked like you had been rolling around in the mud. You really had to dedicate an entire evening to this and lets face it who has time to do that. Fake Bake was simular to St Tropez, the tan was nice once you had showered but straight after the tan application your left looking abit muddy and with all the fake tans listed above you was always left feeling abit sticky. You would have to put on some long PJ’s and sleep alone, again not always convenient.

Now recently I tried the Sienna X Spray Tan for the first time and I absolutely loved it. It genuinely smells nice, it didnt leave me feeling sticky, it does have a guideline colour so you can see where you are spraying the tan but it doesnt look muddy or dirty so I could leave the house with it on. I had it done in the afternoon and slept in it and it didnt come off all over my bed sheets. When I washed it off 10 hours later I was left with a streak free,  very natural tan. You get the choice of 3 percentages 8% is the most natural, 10% is medium and 12% is for Asian or darker skins or for those who like the fake look. The tan did fade slightly after 4-5 days but didnt completely come off for 8 days so you definitely get your moneys worth and everyone kept telling me how well I looked or kept asking if I had been on holiday.

To book see http://testsite.laurasmobilebeautytreats.com.com/