Environ AVST range – What is it?

Environ AVST face creams are designed to put vitamin A back into the skin Please read my last blog to see the benefits of vitamin A for our skin. AVST stands for advanced vitamin skin therapy. It is designed for all skin types and all ages. The product is made of vitamin’s A & C aswell as anti-oxidants and flavinoids. The idea is the more vitamin A we put back into our skin the better our skin will be but the vitamin A must be introduced slowly and gradually.

The contra-indications to vitamin A are roaccutane users and clients that have been using retin A (very high level of vitamin A).

AVST 1 – It has very low levels of vitamin A, it is for first time users of vitamin A. The benefits are it will normalise and repair your skin, it will protect from free radical damage, it will protect from UV damage, it will hydrate and heal, will combat the signs of ageing by stimulating the collagen in the bottom layer of your skin and is anti bacterial. Use 1-2 bottles then progress to AVST 2.

AVST 2 – It has mild levels of vitamin A, it is for users who have been using AVST 1 for 1-2 months. It has the same benefits. Use 1-2 bottles then progress to AVST 3.

AVST 3 – It has medium levels of vitamin A, It is for users who have used AVST 1 & 2. It has the same benefits. Use 1-3 bottles then progress to AVST 4.

AVST 4 – It has high levels of vitamin A, It is for users who have used AVST 1,2 & 3. You should use this for 6-12 months before progressing onto AVST 5. When progressing onto level 5 it is a good idea to use AVST 4 in the morning and AVST 5 in the evening so you are introducing it slowly.

AVST 5 – This has the highest levels of vitamin A. It has the same benefits but at this strong level this is when the vitamin A will really start to work on your pigmentation, wrinkles, lines and scaring. After AVST 5 we can progress onto Retinal 1,2 and 3 or Ionzyme range.

How we use AVST cream – Apply morning and evening to a thoroughly cleansed face and throat in an upward movement including the eye area. It is advised you must use a sun screen every day on top of the AVST.

AVST Pre cleansing oil –  removes make up, oil and debris from the skin to facilitate the penetration of active ingredients. It inhibits skin surface water loss, its hydrating, soothing and calming. Apply to face and neck then massage in with damp hands to form a milky emulsion. Remove excess with water then follow with appropriate cleanser. Eye make-up can be removed with pre-cleansing oil aswell.

AVST cleansing lotion – Hydrates, removes excess oils, make up and impurities whilst maintaining the natural PH of the skin. Apply to face and neck, massage well and remove with tepid water or damp cotton wool.

AVST moisturising toner – Mildly exfoliating, evens skin tone and texture, hydrates, protects from free radical damage and is a penetrant enhancer which means it will prepare the skin for your AVST cream and help with the penetration of the active ingredients in the cream. After you have pre cleansed and then cleansed apply the toner to a cotton pad and wipe over the face and neck. Follow with appropriate AVST cream.

AVST Eye gel – Very low levels of vitamin A, repairs skin cells, protects from free radical damage, heals and hydrates, stimulates collagen, firms and tightens. Apply am and pm around the eye area after you have done your cleansing routine before you apply your AVST cream.

AVST Moisture gel – The lowest level of vitamin A in a face gel, lower then AVST 1. Most people can start on AVST 1 but if you do get a retinoid reaction to AVST 1 then the moisture gel is another option. Use 1-3 bottles before progressing onto AVST 1.

Possible side effects to vitamin A – When using products that contain Vitamin A your skin can develop a retinoid reaction. The symptoms of this are dryness and flakiness, redness and sometimes a break out of pimples. This can happen when you first start using the products or when you are using a level of vitamin A that is too high for your skin. If you get this when you first start using Environ if the reaction is slight then you can continue to use the products and wait for the phase to pass usually anything from 2-6 weeks. If the reaction is more severe it is recommended you go down to a lower level of AVST like the moisture gel or even the AVST body oil. If you get a severe retinoid reaction when you go up a level on the AVST it is recommended that you go back to your previous level and introduce the higher level again once the reaction has cleared up but introduce slowly like once a day every other day. If your skin is struggling with the acclimatisation to vitamin A  you can take vitamin A capsules orally to help.

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What is Environ Skin Care?

Environ is a cosmeceutical range which basically means pharmaceutical and medical science has been used when formulating the product. Environ contains the maximum permissible level of Vitamin A in a cosmetic product.

Environ was created over 20 years ago by Dr Des Fernandes who is a plastic surgeon in South Africa.

Environ is designed to put Vitamins back into your skin, particularly Vitamin A.

Vitamin A is present in all skins but is lost daily through light and free radical damage. This leads to ageing, dry skin, pigmentation, breakouts and sun damage. Also most common skin cancers are associated with low levels of Vitamin A.

So what will Vitamin A do for your skin?

•    It will repair your skin cell DNA by normalising the skin cells.
•    It will stimulate cell turnover which means your skin will naturally exfoliate itself.
•    It will smooth and compact the top layer of the skin creating a healthy barrier to protect the skin.
•    Over time it will thicken your epidermis so will have a plumping effect on the skin so will help with lines, ageing and wrinkles.
•    It will stimulate the blood flow to and from the skin which will in turn detoxify the skin and also bring fresh blood and nutrients to the skin.
•    It will normalise your sebaceous glands (skins natural oil) so if you suffer from extremely dry skin or extremely oily skin it will normalise this for you.
•    It will stimulate the skin collagen. We start to lose our collagen once we hit 25 and this causes us to age so it’s important to boost the collagen where we can.
•    It will lock in your skins natural moisture. This is important to prevent the skin becoming dry.
•    It will boost your skins immunity so in-turn will prevent skin breakouts and infections.
•    It will repair cell melanocyte damage so helps with pigmentation.

Take a look at some of the results that have been achieved with Environ http://www.environ.co.za/results

Here are some online reviews http://www.smartskincare.com/reviews/product/brandidx/environ/

The idea is the more Vitamin A we get into our skin the healthier it will be but Vitamin A must be introduced slowly. There is an easy to follow step up routine to suit all skin types. The great thing about Environ is as our skins are made of Vitamin A no-one can be allergic to it. If you are concerned with ageing, acne, pigmentation, oily skin, dry skin or maybe you just want to maintain a healthy skin then I would thoroughly recommend Environ.

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Things you can do to make the best of yourself

So most of us arent blessed with the looks of Angelina Jolie. Obviously there are a few obvious things like doing our hair and make up which will improve anyone’s appearance but I think  there are a few key things that everyone can do to make the best of what we have been given.

Get your Teeth Whitened
I have had mine laser whitened when I was travelling in Thailand. I have also done the home kit and it makes such a difference. The laser procedure is very quick, it took approx 45 minutes but the result is instant and your teeth get whiter and whiter over the next 48 hours. In Thailand its really cheap but here you can expect to pay £500+ and it lasts around 5 years although I would say if you drink lots of red wine, tea or coffee it wont last as long and you may need to do a top up every 6 months with the home kit. Make sure you go to a reputable company because if its not done properly it can cause you health problems. The other option is the home kit which takes about 2 weeks and the result was pretty much the same, although it doesnt last aslong. For the home fit you can expect to pay around £150 to get your mouth trays made and around £20 per gel syringe. For a 2 week course you will use around 4 syringes of whitening gel. So the first time around it costs more but then each time you do it you just need to buy the whitening gel  so its approx £80 every 6 months which isnt too expensive.

Have your Eyebrows tinted and shaped
If your fair or if your Eyebrows are grey you can have them tinted to match your hair colour or to make them a shade darker to add definition to your face.  Well shaped Eyebrows make a huge difference.

Exercise will not only release stress & increase endorphins. It will make you look & feel better. If you feel better you will start to look better. I recommend getting in shape to everyone as for one its the healthy thing to do but also when you start to look better your confidence will increase. If you struggle to get motivated to exercise then I recommend getting a personal trainer as then its an appointment in your diary each week so its harder for you to not go. If you really cant bear the thought of it then find something active that you enjoy like walking, dancing, bike riding, pole dancing, horse riding ect. There are lots of things you can do to keep active and avoid the gym.

Look after your skin
Find a skin routine that suits you and stick to it. If your unsure what products to be using and then consult a Beauty Therapist who can advise you on a good skincare routine. I offer Facials and skincare advice.

Look after your nails
Regular Manicures and Pedicures will make a huge difference to the general health of your nails. If your not the sort of person who likes to paint there nails with colour then at the very least use a clear nail varnish that strengthens your nails. Nailtiques is 100% the best one on the market that I have used.

If your not very good at applying your make up properly then go for a make up lesson. I have had several makeovers with Mac and I’ve always been happy with the result.

Have a spray tan. There is no doubt that everyone looks and feels better with a bit of colour

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My thoughts on Teeth Whitening

I absolutely love Teeth Whitening and think it makes a huge difference to anyones smile. I have had my teeth whitened 3 times in the last 5 years.

The first technique I had was Laser. I had it done while I was in Thailand so I dont know which laser it was but you could feel heat when the laser was on. My mouth was clamped open and a thin line of gel was applied along the line where the gum meets the tooth. A laser was held over my teeth for 4 rounds of 30-60 seconds. Each round was a tiny bit more painful, it wasnt unbearably painful but it was uncomfortable and the heat felt hotter and hotter with each round. I paid £140 but in London you can expect to pay around £500+. Initially I thought the treatment hadnt worked but over the next few hours my teeth got whiter and whiter and but the next day they were gleaming white. I was thrilled with the result. The only side effect I experienced was I would get a second of sensitivity every few hours over the first 24 hours but that was it. Coloured food and drink should be avoided for 48 hours after the laser. They told me the laser should last 5 years but after 3 years my teeth became abit dis-coloured again so thats when I did the home kit.

When I did the home kit I had to pay approx £100 for my mouth trays to be made then you pay approx £20 per syringe of tooth whitening gel. Its recommended you use 4 syringes over a 2 week period. During this time coloured foods and drinks should be avoided. The gels come in different strengths I think I had a 10% and a 16%. Your dentist should recommend which percentages to use as it all depends on your tooth sensitivity. Again I was thrilled with the result, teeth were gleaming white. I was abit sensitive over the 2 week period and the result lasted maybe 6 months before I needed a top up. The good thing about the home kit is once your trays are made you only have to buy the gels everytime you want to repeat the process so that works out about £80. I used the Polar Light brand and was very happy with it.

The 3rd technique I used was the cool laser. The process was pretty much the same as the other laser but accept the laser is held over the teeth for 5 rounds of 4 minutes and you couldnt feel any heat. This is definitely the least comfortable way of doing it. They put a bleach on my teeth which smelt really bad like really strong chlorine and you feel like your breathing it in. My gums were red and sore after and my teeth werent any whiter. It was a complete waste of money. If you do see a cheap laser deal online then beware as its probably the cool laser method they use. Before paying for anything I would ring the company and ask what laser is it they use and do they apply a bleach first that smells like chlorine.

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What’s the best product to strengthen your nails?

I have always had thin, weak, peeling nails that never grew very long without breaking. That was until I discovered Nailtiques. Nailtiques are protein formulas for the nails and come in 3 different strengths.

•    Formula 1 – Maintain a healthy nail
•    Formula 2 – For thin, weak, peeling nails
•    Formula 3 – For hard, brittle nails

This Nail Strengthener is the the only one I have used that actually really works.  Within 2 week of using Nailtiques I had nails and within 6-8 weeks they were long and strong.

What you should do is buy Formula 2 or 3 depending on what your nail type is and then once your have your nails in the condition that you want move onto Formula 1 to maintain your nails. If you over use Formula 2 it will have an adverse effect as over proteinising your nails will also make them break.

You can get Nailtiques off Amazon or Nail Recovery

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http://laurasmobilebeautytreats.com.com/brittle nails, nailtiques, strengthen nails, weak nails

What is Eyelash Perming?

Eyelash perming is a treatment that makes the lashes permanently curled for a period of 4-6 weeks.

The process involves putting a small roller across the lashes and applying a low percentage perming solution for 15 minutes followed by a setting lotion for another 15 minutes. The whole process takes around 40 minutes. You can also make the lashes darker for the same period of time by getting them tinted.

Eyelash perming has been around for over a decade and is considered to be very safe however a patch test should always be carried out prior to an eyelash tint.

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How can you have a Spray Tan done at home?

Having a Spray Tan done at home is simple. The Therapist will bring a pop up tent which you will stand in. Its quick, clean and easy and the whole process which includes setting up, appying a barrier cream on the hands and feet followed by spraying of the tan and taking down the tent takes a total of 20 Minutes.

The tan I use is Sienna X and the Tan lasts around a week.

Tan tan2



What foods can you eat to boost the skin from within during the winter?

In this cold weather it’s more important to take care of your skin. Cold wind and central heating all play a part in dehydrating the skin and reducing radiance. There are some foods that will nourish your skin from within, heres just a few I know of.

1. Sweet potatoes.
One of the best natural sources of beta-carotene, which your body turns into vitamin A to nourish your skin, sweet potatoes provide you with what your skin needs to stay looking great. Up to 262% of your daily Vitamin A needs can come from one single baked sweet potato. Bake Sweet Potatoe’s with the skin on to preserve the nutrients and taste. Sweet potatoes also have anti-inflammatory properties that can help sooth skin battered by the chilly winter wind.

2. Turnip greens.
People shy away from eating turnip greens simply because they don’t know how to prepare them – but it’s a trick worth knowing. Turnip greens contain over 158% of your daily Vitamin A plus a variety of other skin-healthy vitamins and nutrients. To prepare turnip greens, rinse them well, remove the center stem, and then add them to your meals.

3. Walnuts.
The anti-oxidants found in walnuts are essential to skin regeneration and elasticity, but walnuts also include chemicals  that help boost circulation, bringing oxygen and nutrients to your skin cells quickly. Just four walnuts a day will provide you with all their skin-protecting benefits. Try adding to Salads or cooked vegetables, or roast them at low heat for just 160 degrees for a tasty, healthy snack.

4. Acai Berries.
The acai berrie a fruit from the Amazon rainforest, is one of the best sources of antioxidants you can get. Try frozen acai berry pulp, found in your grocer’s freezer section. The thick, rich, almost chocolaty-tasting paste can be mixed into smoothies or yogurt for a delicious treat that will make your skin glow.

5. Hemp.
The single best source of vegetarian Omega fatty acids, ground hemp seed is a guaranteed win for your body and skin this winter. Omega fatty acids strengthen the membranes of your skin cells, making it stronger and allowing your skin to hold in all the moisture and nutrients you’re offering. Adding just two tablespoons of ground hemp seed – which contains 300 mg of Omega-3 and 850 mg of Omega-6 with GLA – to your diet can even help restore your skin . You can add this light, nutty powder to smoothies or salads.

If you struggle to eat healthy snacks everyday that will help your skin then I recommend taking a good multi vitamin like  Berocca. This will boost your immune system and reduce fatigue in the face like sluggish skin and dark circles.

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My tips for looking your best whilst exercising

Ok so if your actually going to work hard whilst at the gym and working hard usually mean’s getting a little hot and breaking a sweat. The last thing you want is make up running down your face, this isnt a good look and its not good for your skin either. However I know some ladies may be a little self conscious about being bare faced in public, especially if your personal trainer is abit of hunk.

Heres some tips I would recommend to give you a more natural look whilst exercising.

•    Get your Eyelashes tinted. This will make you look more bright eyed, like your wearing mascara. If you find your lashes still look a little flat you can always pop on abit of clear mascara just to give them abit of lift.
•    Another option is to get your Eyelashes Permed. If you tint / perm your lashes you really dont need Mascara. Once done by a professional this should last around 6-8 weeks.
•    Another option is Eyelash Extensions which need to be maintained every 2-3 weeks with infills.
•    If you really must wear Mascara then make sure its waterproof, I like Maybelline
•    To give the skin a healthy glow have a Spray Tan
•    If you really must wear something on your skin I really wouldnt recommend Foundation as its too heavy and will block your pores. I would go for something really light like Dermalogica’s tinted Moisturiser.
•    If you feel you need a little blusher again I would avoid powders that clog the pore’s. Go for something light and waterproof like Benefit Cheek tint.

Remember ladies you should remove the days make up off your skin before exercising. If you want something really quick then I recommend Simple Face Wipes. You can do your face and eyes in a minute or two.


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How you can treat adult acne

Ok so this is a subject I know alot about. I suffered from Acne from the age of 22 on and off for over 6 year’s. As a teenager I suffered from the odd one or two spot’s nothing major then in my early twenty’s I had a big emotional shock and literally woke up the next day with Acne. Acne is classed as more than one spot but I would have up to twenty on my face at any one time. It was awful.

So after trying all the usual products at the chemist first and getting no-where the first thing I tried from the Doctors was Dianette. Dianette is a contraceptive pill that also helps with your skin. Its quite a potent pill and the doctors dont like you to be on it for long periods of time without a break. I took it for about 8 months in total and it did work really well for me, my skin cleared up within 6 weeks which was great. However it gave me another problem and that was I put on alot of weight. So I stopped taking it and my skin did stay clear for 6 Months or so but then gradually the Acne came back.

http://www.netdoctor.co.uk/medicines/100000754.html – Dianette

The second thing I tried was Homeopathy. I am a big fan of Homeopathic remedie’s. I tried Homeopathy years ago when I used to suffer from Migraines and it worked amazingly, completely cured me infact. But with the Acne it definitely helped my skin, and reduced the spots but it didnt clear it up completely.


The third thing I tried was Chinese Medicine in tablet form. Apparently the tea form is better and works more quickly but realistically there was no-way I was going to be getting up 45 minutes earlier everyday to boil herbs and what looks like tree bark to make a drink that taste’s hideous so I went for the easy / realistic option, the tablets. Chinese Medicine was amazing. At the time I started taking it my skin was at it’s worst and within two weeks my skin was completely clear for the first time in year’s. I couldnt believe it. I took the Chinese Medicine tablets for about 3 month’s. Each month represent’s a year you have had a problem / illness so if you have had Acne for 3 years you will need to take Chinese Medicine for 3 Months. My skin stayed clear for over a year once finishing the course but then once again I started suffering from break outs. They still werent as bad as before but they were still bad enough for me to stress about them so once again I took Chinese Medicine but this time it didnt really seem to work.


The fourth thing I tried was anti-biotics. Once again my skin drastically improved, I still suffered from a couple of spots every month but nothing major. I took anti-biotics for 18 Months, I did try to come off them several times but my skin always got worse as soon as I stopped taking them.

During all of the above things I always had regular facial’s / facial treatments. Micro-dermabrasions were great for improving skin texture and refining the pore’s. They used to cost around £60, I used to get mine done at a Dermatologist. I also had N-Lite Laser which again is great for healing the skin, killing all the bacteria aswell as helping with scaring, this was also done at Dermatologist and it would cost around £80 to get my jaw area done. I always had Advanced Clarin’s Facials to hydrate and deep cleanse and stimulate fresh blood to the skin. The products I used at home were Dermalogica Anti-Bac Skin Wash and Clarin’s HydraQuench Day Cream.

The fifth and final thing I did after 6 years of suffering from Acne was take the drug Roaccutane. After reading about all the horrible side effects I was really scared about taking this drug. The possible side effect’s are depression leading to suicide, extremely dry skin, redness, irritation, chapped lip’s, ache’s and pain’s due to dry joint’s and headache’s. They also say due to the potency of this medication you arent supposed to drink alcohol as it’s too much for your liver. I have to admit I did actually drink but I definitely drank more moderately and ALWAYS drank two pints of water when I got home to rehydrate. This drug is also very harmful to unborn babie’s so if you were to fall pregnant you would have to have a termination. The side effect’s were pretty horrendous, I got all of them accept the depression. I would have to say that taking this drug is one of the best thing’s I have ever done with regards to treatment for my acne.

I stopped the course is April 2009 and my skin stayed completely clear for about 18 Months. I do still get the occasional breakout usually if I’m burning the candle at both ends or feeling abit stressed. If my breakout last’s for longer than a couple of weeks I sometimes take anti-biotics to clear it but my skin has never been as bad as it was.

I would highly recommend anyone who has Acne to take the roaccutane. I spent hundreds of pounds on lotions and treatments and roaccutane is free on the NHS and it really does work. I wish I had done it year’s ago. Have a look at this photo diary I found of someone taking Roacutane  so you can get the idea.


Some good products to use whilst on Roaccutane are Dermalogica Ultra Calming Cleanser and Clarin’s HydraQuench Day Cream for Dry Skin or Clarin’s Multi Active Day Cream for Dry Skin. You really need to use products that will deeply moisturise your dry skin and help with the flaking and peeling and Carmex is great for the chapped lips.

My dermatologist said a small number of people need more than one course of roaccutane so there is a chance my acne will come back but fingers crossed it wont.

These days if I do get the odd breakout the first thing I use is Quinoderm which is about £3 from Boots and its great. If they still have completely cleared up then I will have a couple of sunbeds. I dont agree with having sunbeds usually but for serious skin conditions I would have to say they do work.


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