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What to do when your lashes go frizzy after LVL lash lift

I went to a clients house recently to give her an LVL lash lift and this is what her lashes looked like before we started the treatment. Sadly as her lashes were in this state we could not do the treatment. When the lashes end up being frizzy it means that they have been over processed.


So your probably wondering why has this happened and more importantly what can we do about it? Here are the reasons it happens.

Reason 1 - You are only supposed to apply the lash products lifting serum & setting serum from the root of the hair to half way up the lash (eg not root to tip) none of our girls would ever apply from root to tip as we did our training with Nouveau. If you go from root to tip you run the risk of over processing.

Reason 2 - It can happen if the LVL lash product is left on for too long during the treatment, everyone has different thickness and different lash lengths and we have a rough guideline that we follow for example if your lashes are super fine we would do the minimum time approximately 10 minutes, if your lashes are of medium thickness then around 12-14 minutes and if your lashes are super thick and strong we would leave on for the maximum time of approximately 16 minutes. If you ever get your lashes done and they look frizzy straight away or go frizzy within a couple of days you do need to tell your therapist as maybe it was left on a minute or two too long.

Reason 3 - Everyone has a different lash cycle, your lashes fall out every day and new ones come through without you noticing. For some people the lashes renew within 6-ish weeks but if your lash cycle is quite long for example more then 8 weeks then sometimes the lashes might dry out a bit towards the end of the cycle after an LVL.

Reason 4 - Sometimes your lashes can be left a tiny bit dry after an LVL and if you go on holiday and your in the sun and in a chlorine swimming pool that might dry them out more.

Reason 5 - If you get LVL done with your lashes are already still a bit curled after the last lash lift its like doing a perm over a perm and your lashes can go frizzy or break off. That is why it is so important to leave enough time between lash treatments, if you still have curled lashes do not get another LVL done until they have all grown out.

So what can we do about it? The main thing you want to do is get your lashes done with someone who has trained to a high level with a company like Nouveau, when you get your lashes down let them fully grow out before you get them done again & once you have had your lashes done keep your lashes hydrated by applying coconut oil and vaseline to them once to three times a week. This should prevent them going frizzy in the first place & if your lashes do end up frizzy just keep applying coconut oil or vaseline to smooth them out.

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