LVL Lash Lift

I have been performing the Nouveau LVL lash lift on clients at my home in Staines for over seven years. Please get in touch if you are looking for someone highly experienced in LVL lashes.

LVL Lash Lifit before and after

What is LVL?

LVL stands for “lift, volume and length”. It works by lifting your lashes at the root giving a voluminous, lifted and wide-eyed effect. The LVL lash lift is a low-maintenance alternative to eyelash extensions.

The process

The LVL lash lift is similar to an Eyelash perm. The lashes are glued to a rubber shield with water-soluble glue. The innovative Nouveau lifting balm is added to your lashes. Once that stage is complete, a volumising fix which fixes your lashes into their new shape is applied. The treatment is finished with an eyelash tint boost to darken your lashes and moisturising serum to nourish the lashes. You should allow 45 - 60 minutes for this treatment.

If you would like a root-to-tip eyelash tint, including top and bottom lashes, we recommend getting your tint done more than 48 hours before the LVL lash lift treatment.

How long will the LVL lash lift last

LVL Lashes last anything from 4-10 weeks with the average being 6-8 weeks. It’s very low maintenance compared to eyelash extensions.

LVL lashes aftercare

You must not get the lashes wet for 24 hours after the procedure. For 48 hours, you cannot go swimming, use mascara or have any steam treatment, including a hot steamy shower. Please note failure to follow these guidelines can result in the lashes dropping.

Before your LVL lash lift

A patch test must be carried out before your LVL Lash Lift treatment, you can book yourself in with Laura for this. Please note that the patch test must be left on the skin for a minimum of 24 hours but ideally 48 hours before the treatment can be carried out. If you have any medical eye conditions, please email us & ask for advice before booking.

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