Cleansing questions?

Are pre-cleansers really necessary?

Pre-cleansing is a vital part of a two step cleansing process. Its first in-line to provide deep, specific cleansing and helps to to lift off surface debris that can cause break-outs and dullness. This should be followed with facewash or cleanser for complete cleanliness. Environ oil based pre cleansers are help you achieve a clean healthy skin with a double regimen that melts off the layers of unwanted sebum (skin oil), make up, pollutants, sweat and grime that build up throughout the day. A mineral based pre-cleanser such as B-Active sebu prep with soothe and improve problem skin whilst cleaning and unblocking the pores.

Certain cleansers leave my skin feeling tight. How do I know which one to use?

The right cleanser will leave your skin feeling comfortable and relaxed. A soap free foaming wash is great for a normal skin. Dry or sensitive complexions need gentle and hydrating formulation that wont strip your skin of natural oils. Oily or problematic skins need a mild foaming gel cleanser to keep excess oil at bay. Environ do a full range of cleansers and foaming washes for all skin types.

Why shouldn't I use soap to clean my face?

Regardless of your skin type or age soap is definitely not recommended. Your skin is naturally acidic and soaps are alkaline which means they strip your skin of your natural oils and acid mantle which is there to protect your skin and maintain your natural moisture levels. Using soap will strip this off leaving your skin dry and flaky, soap is way too harsh for the skin.

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I can recommend the right cleanser for your skin

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