Environ AVST range – What is it?

Environ AVST face creams are designed to put vitamin A back into the skin Please read my last blog to see the benefits of vitamin A for our skin. AVST stands for advanced vitamin skin therapy. It is designed for all skin types and all ages. The product is made of vitamin’s A & C aswell as anti-oxidants and flavinoids. The idea is the more vitamin A we put back into our skin the better our skin will be but the vitamin A must be introduced slowly and gradually.

environ AVST face cream

The contra-indications to vitamin A are roaccutane users and clients that have been using retin A (very high level of vitamin A).

AVST 1 – It has very low levels of vitamin A, it is for first time users of vitamin A. The benefits are it will normalise and repair your skin, it will protect from free radical damage, it will protect from UV damage, it will hydrate and heal, will combat the signs of ageing by stimulating the collagen in the bottom layer of your skin and is anti bacterial. Use 1-2 bottles then progress to AVST 2.

AVST 2 – It has mild levels of vitamin A, it is for users who have been using AVST 1 for 1-2 months. It has the same benefits. Use 1-2 bottles then progress to AVST 3.

AVST 3 – It has medium levels of vitamin A, It is for users who have used AVST 1 & 2. It has the same benefits. Use 1-3 bottles then progress to AVST 4

.AVST 4 – It has high levels of vitamin A, It is for users who have used AVST 1,2 & 3. You should use this for 6-12 months before progressing onto AVST 5. When progressing onto level 5 it is a good idea to use AVST 4 in the morning and AVST 5 in the evening so you are introducing it slowly.

AVST 5 – This has the highest levels of vitamin A. It has the same benefits but at this strong level this is when the vitamin A will really start to work on your pigmentation, wrinkles, lines and scaring. After AVST 5 we can progress onto Retinal 1,2 and 3 or Ionzyme range.

How we use AVST cream – Apply morning and evening to a thoroughly cleansed face and throat in an upward movement including the eye area. It is advised you must use a sun screen every day on top of the AVST.

AVST Pre cleansing oil -  removes make up, oil and debris from the skin to facilitate the penetration of active ingredients. It inhibits skin surface water loss, its hydrating, soothing and calming. Apply to face and neck then massage in with damp hands to form a milky emulsion. Remove excess with water then follow with appropriate cleanser. Eye make-up can be removed with pre-cleansing oil as well.

AVST cleansing lotion – Hydrates, removes excess oils, make up and impurities whilst maintaining the natural PH of the skin. Apply to face and neck, massage well and remove with tepid water or damp cotton wool.

AVST moisturizing toner – Mildly exfoliating, evens skin tone and texture, hydrates, protects from free radical damage and is a penetrant enhancer which means it will prepare the skin for your AVST cream and help with the penetration of the active ingredients in the cream. After you have pre cleansed and then cleansed apply the toner to a cotton pad and wipe over the face and neck. Follow with appropriate AVST cream

.AVST Eye gel – Very low levels of vitamin A, repairs skin cells, protects from free radical damage, heals and hydrates, stimulates collagen, firms and tightens. Apply am and pm around the eye area after you have done your cleansing routine before you apply your AVST cream.

AVST Moisture gel – The lowest level of vitamin A in a face gel, lower then AVST 1. Most people can start on AVST 1 but if you do get a retinoid reaction to AVST 1 then the moisture gel is another option. Use 1-3 bottles before progressing onto AVST 1.

Possible side effects to vitamin A - When using products that contain Vitamin A your skin can develop a retinoid reaction. The symptoms of this are dryness and flakiness, redness and sometimes a break out of pimples. This can happen when you first start using the products or when you are using a level of vitamin A that is too high for your skin. If you get this when you first start using Environ if the reaction is slight then you can continue to use the products and wait for the phase to pass usually anything from 2-6 weeks. If the reaction is more severe it is recommended you go down to a lower level of AVST like the moisture gel or even the AVST body oil. If you get a severe retinoid reaction when you go up a level on the AVST it is recommended that you go back to your previous level and introduce the higher level again once the reaction has cleared up but introduce slowly like once a day every other day. If your skin is struggling with the acclimatization to vitamin A  you can take vitamin A capsules orally to help.

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