Toning Questions

Are Toners really useful?

Toners are often undervalued in a beauty routine when in fact its your toner that completes your cleansing routine. If excess oil or make up is left on the skin it will clog your pores, mild alcohol free toners will remove this and prepare your skin for to absorb your moisturizer ect. The best toners wont strip your skin of its natural oils and will leave it feeling energized and fresh.


I have oily, acne-prone skin, do I need to use a toner?

An acidic toner will be beneficial for oily skin- It will pick up any leftover residue after cleansing and assist in maintaining the PH balance of the skin, which will reduce the risk of infection. B-Active Sebutone is great for extremely oily skin or acne prone skin, helping to degrease with lactic acid and disinfect with T- Tree oil. I love Environ Toners, AVST Toner, C Quence Ionzyme Toner & Sebu Tone. Give them a try!

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